permanently preoccupied

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hi i'm sarah and i have a nice life sometimes.
18. occ. TAKEN.
je t'aime: american horror story, evan peters, tate, milk, led zeppelin, the smell of burning candle wax, cigarettes, waxahatchee, misfits, beer, expensive jeans, cute sweaters, money, hair dye, winged eyeliner, le tigre, bikini kill, tequila, camel 99s, the front bottoms, tigers jaw, joyce manor, ed sheeran, citizen, lemuria, paul baribeau, babysitting, people who use hearts a lot, people who have their own opinions, drum and bass, hot cheeto fries, king of the hill, sunshine, SKINS, mimosas, being adored, cute names, atmosphere, felt, murs, dexter, walking dead, trueblood, holding hands, & daniel andrew ma.
second grade memories yyyeeeaaahhh

second grade memories yyyeeeaaahhh

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